Building Bricks


The Early Years Foundation Stage (2014) contains seven strands of learning:



Personal, Social and Emotional


Understanding the World

Communication and Language

Art and Design


Within Building Bricks Child Care these seven strands will be explored and developed by the children in a fun and stimulating environment. At Building Bricks we place a lot of emphasis on learning through play and encourage the children to extend their observation and investigation skills through exploration and creativity. We will document all progression and learning that takes place through the use of a learning journal which will be presented to the parents/carers at specified times. Parents are very welcome to discuss our programme of activities at any time. We will always encourage and actively embrace diversity and individual needs, enabling children to grow and develop at their own pace.


The Every Child Matters (2003) framework consists of five outcomes:

Be healthy

Stay safe

Enjoy and achieve

Make a positive contribution

Economic wellbeing


Both of these frameworks form the structure of our aims and objectives. All children will be given the opportunity to be themselves, grow healthily, learn successfully and feel loved, safe and secure whilst they are at Building Bricks.